My experiences with Tilray so far – Dr Huhana Hickey


While I began my journey middle of 2016 to switch from Sativex to Tilray, it was not until February 2017 I was able to begin using it. Initially, I couldn’t see how three mls of the Tilray oil daily was going to help. I wondered if the switch would be any use and I was nervous about the pain returning.  Fortunately It worked almost immediately, and yet it was subtle. I just suddenly noticed my pain had reduced, although I didn’t wait for the pain to stop, it just seemed to reduce and that was it. Overtime, I have lost 21 kilos as I am no longer craving the sugar I craved when on opiates. I have felt as though my insides are healing, I am not having the pain and spasms I use to have. It is now relatively minor. I still have my osteo pain and I still need help to sleep at night but my life has improved immensely on Tilray.

Dr Hickey was MCANZ first success in lobbying for a more affordable alternative to Sativex.

Tilray itself is simply grapeseed oil and cannabis oil, it is tasteless. In contrast, Sativex left me smelling as though I had been consuming alcohol and cannabis all day. It also didn’t reduce my spasms and it worked but not in the same way Tilray is working. I do not know why, but the Tilray is definitely better. Since using Tilray, and aware the cost is out of the league for most people, including myself, I would highly recommend we have the legal