Update, Rochelle’s fight against Cancer

Rochell Kupa, a Cancer patient using Cannabis oil
Rochelle Kupa, loving life and defying the odds.

I was diagnosed at the end of November 2014 with terminal cancer. I had small cell lung cancer in my right lung and it had also gone into my liver and into some of the bones in my back. I was at first only given weeks to live. Then I was told that if chemo and radiation worked, I might have six months to a year.
After completing conventional treatments I quickly went on to cannabis oil. I took this in very large doses. And it worked. After a few months my scan results showed no more signs of acute disease, meaning that I was no longer dying. The cancers had been constrained. I then began to take maintenance doses only.
Unfortunately in July of this year I was diagnosed with brain cancer. But this time I wasn’t given any time frame because my oncologist said that I keep defying the odds due to unconventional treatments, (he refused to say the “C” word). I was meant to have radiation but because I started on high doses of cannabis oil four days after diagnosis, I was able to dispense with radiation. Even after only 20 days on oil, there was some improvement. I am now almost halfway through the process of eliminating this cancer too. I am eating, I am doing loads of exercise, and I can do housework. Most side effects such as anger, anxiety, nausea and seizures have disappeared. I do get tired but generally speaking my cognitive skills are still functioning though there is a small amount of deterioration verbally if I stay up too late. When I have another scan, I will update again. Kia kaha everybody. And may Medical Cannabis be legalized asap.