#MC410 Dr Huhana Hickey MNZM Recap after 4 months of Medica …

Huhana_chris Skelton FairfaxFour months ago I began the journey with my pain by taking Sativex which is essentially medicinal cannabis in spray form. Since I started the daily routine, I have not taken any morphine, gabapentin, codeine and have weaned down to only two tramadol a day, (anyone who says it doesn’t work for pain is a liar)

Previously, I was on a cocktail of opiates, all at high doses and living in a constant mental fog. I still get nausea, I think because of the alcohol solution in the spray and in the morning I struggle with spasms as I take less than the recommended dose. However I am in less pain,  with no insomnia and no more mental fog. The only barriers that remain are cost and the fact we have just one product when variations of cbd and thc are needed for a variety of conditions.

I am now in debt funding my Sativex, but am at a point where I know I don’t want to return to the opiods. The dilemma for me and thousands of others is the affordability and access to a variety of products that work and work well. With Sativex I can work and function in a relatively pain free manner. Without Sativex, I am not sure how long I can cope with the pain that will inevitably rob me of my ability to work and live independently and without barriers.

We need medicinal cannabis to be legal in New Zealand for those who have terminal conditions and for those who have pain conditions, seizures, spasms and other health needs that this rongoa medicine can assist with. I am inundated daily with phone calls and emails from people of all ages, backgrounds who are desperate but scared to consider an illegal